Parkiepedia was born out of a frustration to find reliable up to date information about natural approaches to live well with Parkinsons Disease.

There are lots of sources of information on the web, in Facebook groups, forums and websites but it’s not easy to curate especially if you are newly diagnosed.

Many people with Parkinson’s are interested in complementary therapies such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, Qi Gong, CBD oil and herbal medicine. These complementary treatments are based on centuries-old techniques. Many people find complementary therapies helpful, especially for relaxation and to reduce stress and depression. This website provides a guide to complementary therapies that people with Parkinson’s have tried and found useful.

There is a wealth of information online in facebook groups, forums, blogs, news sites and websites and our aim is to signpost people to the most relevant up to date information on the whole range of alternative treatments some of the more obscure approaches as well as more mainstream therapies.

The Parkinsons community is an active one with many people with Parkinson’s trialling their own approach to living well with the disease. There is no doubt that exercise and a positive mindset are essential to managing symptoms but what exercise is best and how do you find out about the huge range of treatments, supplements and information sources to create your own natural healing plan?

You can help build Parkiepedia by contributing to the information – we are building a wiki to help you share your knowledge – sign up to our newsletter to find out more.

This site is managed by people with Parkinson’s Disease. Get in touch if you want to contribute!