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For your safety, it is very important to make sure that any complementary therapist you see has the necessary training and qualifications.

Finding an NHS or private therapist can involve some work for you. Professional bodies that represent certain types of therapy can put you in touch with a reputable therapist. But remember that therapists volunteer to register, and not all do so. It will depend on the type of therapy, but it is best to have a therapist who is registered with one of the following:

You can also find professional organisations for specific therapies in the individual therapies section. They can give details of some types of therapist, such as art therapists.  Some general complementary therapy organisations might also be able to help you find someone suitable.


Tips when looking for a therapist

  • Contact the CNHC, HPC or relevant professional organisation
  • Ask for a list of therapists in your area
  • Ask the organisation what level of qualification and training therapists must have before they can register
  • Check that the organisation has a code of practice and ethics, and disciplinary and complaints procedures
  • Make sure that the therapist you find keeps to these codes and procedures