What is the Bowen Technique?

Bowen Technique is a hands on holistic muscle therapy. The technique aims to activate the body’s own healing abilities, releasing muscle spasms and re-aligning skeletal imbalances as well as increasing lymphatic drainage and blood supply to the affected area. During a session the practitioner uses his/her hands on parts of the body such as muscles or other soft tissue using gentle rolling movements. These movements may activate a systemic response and a short pause is then observed to allow the response to be activated. A pattern of movements and pauses continue throughout the treatment.

How can it help Parkinson’s symptoms?

A study resulted in some useful insights, in particular the influence of Bowen Therapy on Subjects’ quality of sleep, and the correlation between the daily water intake and the improvement of PD symptoms. In addition, given that people living with PD experience more tremor when they are fatigued or stressed, the findings of both Anna Dicker’s study43 (that Bowen reduces stress) and this study (that Bowen improved tremor) suggest that Bowen may be particularly useful in alleviating the tremor symptom, whatever its cause.1https://www.bowen-academy.com/fileadmin/user_upload/PDFs_und_Docs/Forschung/Horn_M_2007_Bowen_and_Parkinson_s_Disease.pdf